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While in Versailles – some thoughts on photography (via The Infinite Shelf – A Book Blog)

Fina bilder från Versailles, som jag hoppas att jag får möjlighet att besöka igen snart. Inlägget handlar om hur man tar egna, unika bilder av något som är så väl dokumenterat. Inte helt lätt, kan tyckas. Men en rolig utmaning, helt klart!

While in Versailles - some thoughts on photography When visiting the famous Versailles on our trip to France a year ago, I was faced with a contradiction I have rarely met in my short photography life : as beautiful and rich in details and history as the place was, I found it almost impossible to photograph. Not because of the crowd – which was, let’s say it, an attraction in itself. You could hardly take a picture without having another tourist standing in the way. If photographs really do captu … Read More

via The Infinite Shelf – A Book Blog