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Exploring Macchu Picchu in 8 Hours or Less (via IT’S NEVER TOO LATE.)

Ett blogginlägg om ett ställe som ”förföljer” mig, jag hittar bilder av det överallt. Känns som om det är meningen att jag ska besöka det en dag, men troligen kommer det inte att hända. Jag kan i alla fall njuta av bilderna.

Exploring Macchu Picchu in 8 Hours or Less This post is long overdue. Things have been pretty rough at work lately, so I haven’t had much time to update. After staring at a computer screen for 10+ hours a day, it’s the absolute LAST thing I feel like doing when I get home. But it’s all good. Deadlines were met, tears were shed, (LITERALLY) and all is well in the world once again. I have to keep reminding myself that in spite of it all, I’m still among the lucky ones. 🙂 Macchu Picchu was … Read More


While in Versailles – some thoughts on photography (via The Infinite Shelf – A Book Blog)

Fina bilder från Versailles, som jag hoppas att jag får möjlighet att besöka igen snart. Inlägget handlar om hur man tar egna, unika bilder av något som är så väl dokumenterat. Inte helt lätt, kan tyckas. Men en rolig utmaning, helt klart!

While in Versailles - some thoughts on photography When visiting the famous Versailles on our trip to France a year ago, I was faced with a contradiction I have rarely met in my short photography life : as beautiful and rich in details and history as the place was, I found it almost impossible to photograph. Not because of the crowd – which was, let’s say it, an attraction in itself. You could hardly take a picture without having another tourist standing in the way. If photographs really do captu … Read More

via The Infinite Shelf – A Book Blog

india: day 6: train to mumbai & my first day in mumbai (via jacob murphy’s photoblog)

Ett blogginlägg med riktigt bra bilder från Indien, bland annat från en tågresa. Jag tror inte att jag ska klaga på SJ igen, någonsin!

india: day 6: train to mumbai & my first day in mumbai so many cute kids on the train! my travel buddies. they read my english/hindi phrase book and we talked most of the way. by the end of the trip i shared this compartment with about 15 people. biffed it really hard getting on the train. the thing about india is that everybody stares at foreignors so i had no shortage of help as they pulled me back up to the platform from below the train. sucked. this scene happened about once every 15 minutes. the … Read More

via jacob murphy’s photoblog