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Engelska är ett roligt språk!

Lite roliga funderingar kring engelska knasigheter. 🙂


If you are at all acquainted with the English language, you may have noticed some common sayings and words in there that are really silly, once you come to think of it. For example, why is it called a boxing ring when it is actually a square? Why is the load of the ship referred to as cargo, but when a truck carries a load on land, that is referred to as shipping? Actors recite a play for an audience, but then they play at a recital. See? It doesn’t make sense! But that is English, unfortunately. That is also one of the reasons why English is such a hard language to speak fluently – incorporating all its nuances. Ask me – I’ve been there. There are so many things you simply have to know.

If you want to read more about the silliness of English, there is this…

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Oh my, I said WHAT in French? (via expatriotgames)

Intressant inlägg om språk och många intressanta kommentarer om språkliga missförstånd folk råkat ut för.

Påpekandet att man alltid vinner på att göra sitt bästa och framför allt vara trevlig ligger det en hel del i.

Oh my, I said WHAT in French? As you can imagine, the language barrier is a biggie, so I would be remiss not to post (first of several) about this particular hairy monster that we must adapt and adjust to as best we can. To sum up the language ‘thing’, the motto is just, ‘be nice’. As a Southerner might say, ”when you don’t know the language from a hill of b … Read More

via expatriotgames

Top 25 grammar and language mistakes

Testar nu WP:s nya funktion med att klicka på en liten knapp och få in en länk direkt i blogginlägget utan att behöva klicka sig in på bloggen. Jag hittade en sida med vanliga fel och missar i engelska, tänkte att det kanske kunde vara kul för mina språkintresserade vänner. Dessutom får jag testa den här nya funktionen! 😀

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