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Don’t buy a bunny for Easter…

Långt och underhållande skrivet om vad man ska tänka på innan man bestämmer sig för att skaffa en kanin.

I USA verkar det vara väldigt vanligt att man köper kaniner i påskpresent och sedan kommer på att det inte var någon bra idé. Detta stämmer i alla fall om man ska tro alla varningar som cirkulerar på Facebook inför påsken. Nu vet jag inte hur vanligt detta är här i Sverige, men jag har inte hört talas om det i alla fall.


Bandoliers and Bunnies


Last year approaching Easter I told you all about my very first
bunny Blueberry. The point of that was not only to tell you all about
her struggle towards recovery, but to illustrate that rabbits should
never be given as Easter or Christmas presents. They are an extremely
complex and social animal that are a decade long commitment and
require care that dogs and cats do not. They are not suitable for
young children, they are not starter pets, they are not low
maintenance, and they should not be kept in cages. Please do not buy
a rabbit as a present for special occasions. It will not end well for
you, and this leads to thousands and thousands of rabbits being
abandoned or euthanized after every Easter holiday.

This year I am going to explore rabbit personality for you.

Bunnies are prey animals. Even though the varieties that we have…

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