Riktigt underhållande inlägg om roliga skyltar från olika länder och hur man kan tolka dem. 🙂


While in Italy, I ended up paying a lot of attention to the informative and often cautionary signs that towns or visitor sites have posted.  I realize they’re a cultural ”thing”, and what image an administrative entity may choose to signify danger in one place may not signal danger to someone else who grew up elsewhere and interprets the posted signals otherwise.  Example: what may clearly, to one culture, indicate ”fire” may look, to someone from somewhere else, like a stack of french fries.  I looked back through my other photos that I’ve taken on other trips and realized, I apparently have a taste for public signage, and there’s a lot of unintentional funny going on in the world.  Some signs are just…hilarious.  Or weird.  Or too WTF-y to ignore.  Wordy.  Thumpingly moral.  Too far outside my American framework of expected public signage.  Or creatively doctored.  And so.  Presenting: various…

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