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Something I’ve been noticing more and more lately is the gross misuse of apostrophes in people’s writing. I’m going to break this one down into the three most common errors:


1) Using an apostrophe with the third person singular form of a verb (WHY?!) and with plural nouns.

With main verbs, the ONLY time there is EVER an apostrophe involved is with ”let’s”, which, as everyone knows, is a contraction for ”let us.”

So when people inexplicably use an apostrophe with the third person singular form of a verb (e.g. ”look’s”, ”swim’s”, ”rationalize’s”), I always tend to read it as a contraction for VERB + US, just as ”let’s” is. This makes this punctuation problem appear all the more strange to me.

For example, take a look at this incorrect sentence:

My friend jump’s for joy.

Here’s what is intended:

Here’s what I read:

Our friend jump us for…

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